Friday, July 12, 2013

How to get rich?

I will tell you this. Do you want money? Do you want to be rich? I have the best program for you. It doesn't cost nothing but you must have a desire. And this program will guide your life.

Many people want more money. You can earn more money. Most people have a job and every week you receive money from your job. I receive money from my job. I can spend one type of money now, I will inherit the other money in the future.

I am a sinner that deserve hell. I have Jesus in my heart. I will go to heaven because of Jesus because he is the only way. When I work, I work for the Lord. Again, I receive money from my job and I receive future rewards in Jesus.

A person need to work unto the Lord for his glory and not to be seen by other people. If you work and say you are a good worker for your glory then you will not have a reward as a Christian. A person need to give glory to Jesus.

I desire to work well because I want to give honor to Jesus. Jesus have redeemed my life. If I am lazy then God doesn't get any glory. I will have money on this earth and I will have money in heaven. The heavenly money is better than the world money.

Proverbs 10:4

 Lazy hands make for poverty,
    but diligent hands bring wealth.

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