Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pay the money for injustice

There are many countries that have injustice. If a person pays money to the authorities then that person can commit crime. The country is not safe for the people.
The person who commits the crime will be accountable to God. When that person dies then that person will experience the wrath of the Lord.
It seems that injustice wins in the end. The people with money and power seems to be corrupt. These people can do anything they want.
We need to remember this point, we live on this earth for eighty years then we die.
We will either go to heaven or hell. If we accept Jesus then we are going to heaven. When a person submit to the Lord, then that person will receive rewards from the Lord.
If a person loves their sins then that person will be punished in the next life. A person can have a billion dollars but if they don't receive Jesus. That person will go to hell, their money is worthless on the day of wrath.

Proverbs 16:8

 Better a little with righteousness
    than much gain with injustice.

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