Friday, January 31, 2014

The water on the table

If a person pour a glass of water on a table, what happens to the water? The water beginnings to spread out and its continues out until something to stops it. Why doesn't the water stay there? One reason is gravity. Gravity is exerting a force on the water causing it ti spread out over the table until something stops it.

We need to read the history of the Genesis Flood. The floodgates of heaven open and it rained for forty days and forty nights. The foundations  of the deep burst for one hundred and fifty days. While the event was occurring, gravity was exerting a force on the water to cause it to spread out until something stopped it.  The Bible teaches this, there was nothing to stop the water because the water covered the mountains. How could the water rise above the mountains and be a local flood? Water seeks its own level. This cannot be a local flood unless we refuse the gravity and the characteristics of water.  How could the water rise to cover the local mountains and not touch the whole world, especially when the waters prevailed for one hundred and fifty days. When we take a scientific approach to the description of the Flood in the Bible, the result is that it was a worldwide Flood.

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