Monday, September 22, 2014

Listen to instruction

Are you good listening when there are instruction? I need to tell you the truth that most of mankind don't listen to instruction. We have a book and a Being that people don't listen to.
The author of the Bible is the most neglected person of all-time. People reject God and the Bible by their sins and life. The Bible explain that pornography is sin but it earns billions of dollars a year.
The Bible explains using drugs to escape problems is called witchcraft. Millions of people commitment witchcraft against the Lord everyday.
If a person hates to listens to God according to the Bible is stupid.
I can explain other issues of life. If a person have pride. The type of pride that believes you can have marriage different from God's plan then that person is stupid. Many people believe they are smarter than God when they think homosexual marriage is good. They need to read the history of Sodom. God judges sins and people lack fear of the Lord.
Many Christians think they don't need to go to church but they need the fellowship with other believers for many reasons. They can be encouraged and encouraged others. But many Christians are stupid according to the Bible.
We all are stupid but we need to repent. We need to Jesus to have a heart that desire truth. How is your heart condition? Ask the Lord to transform your heart condition.

Proverbs 12:1

 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
    but whoever hates correction is stupid.

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