Saturday, March 19, 2016

We have bad relationships

I am imperfect and my neighbors are imperfect. When everyone is imperfect then we will have bad relationships. I desire a perfect world but we live in a imperfect world.
Isaac had problems with his neighbors. The neighbors didn't like Isaac so they had an argument.
Isaac and his neighbors became friends.
Isaac cooked dinner and he served it to his friends. They had a great time with each other.
The neighbors needed sleep so they slept at the house of Isaac.
When the neighbors woke up, they pledge peace with Isaac. God did a great deed in the life of Isaac.
Isaac forgive the neighbors of their sins. The neighbors wanted to receive forgiveness.
The concept of forgiveness brings healing to the soul.
We need have forgiveness in our lives. We may sinned against a person. Or we may have committed the sins. We need to follow the example of the Lord Jesus.
Mankind sinned and mankind was separated from the Lord. God solved the problem in the person of Jesus. He lived a perfect life and he died on the cross. He resurrected from the dead.
We must repent from our sins and follow the Lord Jesus.

Genesis 26:30-31

Isaac then made a feast for them, and they ate and drank.  Early the next morning the men swore an oath to each other. Then Isaac sent them on their way, and they went away peacefully.

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