Friday, January 23, 2015

This person have pride?

There is no one perfect; therefore, we will commitment mistakes. People will correct an other person in marriage and during the work hours. We need to be humble but being humble is difficult. I believe that pride will make us hate correction.
The spouse will correct their beloved. I know in marriage that people needs to understand each other. If pride is in marriage then there will always be issues.
When we work, we will have many correction. The key is that we need to heed the instruction. The Lord helps me in the area of listening and doing. It is not natural but the Holy Spirit is more powerful.
Do you have pride? We need to heed the instruction of others.
Most of mankind avoid the big boss. The big boss is called God. He explains life and mankind is in trouble. We sinned and deserve hell. Jesus is the bridge to heaven but many people will reject him.
If a person hears the calling of God then there will be a blessing and not a curse.

Proverbs 13:13

 Whoever scorns instruction will pay for it,
    but whoever respects a command is rewarded.

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