Thursday, March 13, 2014

The world have trouble, we can avoid it

We can read the news on the internet. The news is bad and our lives have problems. We can hope for the better thing in the future. Is there hope for the future? Can we achieve world peace? How can we conquer evil?
The world is crazy. It has always been crazy since the sin of Adam and Eve. The cultures of this world will become worst. The end days will be more evil. Good Christians can make this world better and they should.
They can save people from the judgement of God. They can make their culture better. But this world will be judged.
If a person rejects Jesus and that person dies. Then the person will have the wrath of God in their life and the person will go to hell. One sin leads a person to hell. Their is no hope for the person that rejects Jesus.
When a person accepts Jesus then the person have a relationship with God. The person is clean according to God. If a person rejects Jesus then the person is dirty and sinful in the eyes of God. But Jesus died for the sins of mankind so they can be clean in His righteousness.
We are born wicked but we can have God's righteousness through the cross of Jesus.

Proverbs 11:8

 The righteous person is rescued from trouble,
    and it falls on the wicked instead.

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