Friday, February 21, 2014

The Grand Canyon

We need to examine the Grand Canyon. The science books teaches that the Colorado River slowly formed the canyon, this requires millions of years. We need to ask a few question.
1) If the Colorado River is an ancient river, so the river formed the Grand Canyon why we don't have many large canyons?  There are many ancient rivers according to Evolution so this is a good question.
2) How could a river that is hundreds feet wide and have enough energy to form the Grand Canyon, which is over 15 miles wide in many parts.
3) Where is the source for all the water? It appears that was time when there was a large lake at the north end of the canyon. It appears that there was a time when there was a natural dam holding the water. If this dam was breached then that amount of water would have created a catastrophic event. This event require a short period of time.
4) Where are all the sediments that the Colorado River push out to make the canyon? The answers is that the sediments are more than 15 miles out into the ocean. It would require a catastrophic movement of water to push the sediment that far out into the ocean.
5) Whey does the canyon contain hundreds of thousands of square miles of parallel strata? If the canyon require millions of years then there should be prove of erosion marks along  the walls, but there are not there. Parallel strata are formed by large amounts of rapidly running water.

The conclusion on the Grand Canyon is this. The geological evidence supports a rapid formation and not millions of years.

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