Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mount Saint Helens and Coal Formation

The devastation at Mount Saint Helens caused many trees from the dense forest to fall into Spirit  Lake. There were one million logs in Spirit Lake. Many of these logs have turned upright and sunk to the bottom of the lake. Scuba divers have been to the bottom of the lake and noted that the logs have their roots but just like we find in a coal beds. None of those trees grew at the bottom of Spirit Lake. They fall into the lake because there was a catastrophic event! The other amazing event that have been observed. The underwater photos have revealed a three-foot-thick layer of peat already formed at the bottom of the lake. The mixture of the bark from the trees with other elements in Spirit Lake. The standard story is that it takes thousands of years for swamp vegetation to decay. Then the process slowly turns into peat and then millions of year for the peat to slowly turn to transform into coal. We now know this is not necessarily true. It can happen in a very short time.
Do we need long ages for what we observe geologically? No!
Experiments by Doctor George Hill and Doctor Don Adams at the University of Utah have shown this. They have transformed the plant matter into coal. The experiment required several hours.

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